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i. karumbah’s Lee Sommie Consults for Online Learning Company

Orlando, Florida – November 26, 2007 – i. karumbah’s
Lee Sommie consulted for an online learning management company for most of 2007. He contributed expert advice and project management to improve company-wide system operations, and provided oversight for the implementation, integration, and support of more than 400 web-based learning management systems (LMS SaaS) for corporate and government customers.

“We identified the resources we had available … personnel, vendors, consultants, equipment … and what we needed for the projects ahead,” says Sommie. “We had to reorganize the development department for better efficiency in order to accomplish the heavy software release schedule they had planned.” He added that, in addition to delivering everything in the schedule on time, the newly-reorganized department was able to provide better support for application bugs, document all development processes unique to the department, and even create custom enhancements for customers with special needs.

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